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Tax money and Voodoo Science

February 25, 2012 Leave a comment

she will know more than I every will” if she has a future.  

Is funding Black Hole science the best the way to spend your childrens future?

Black hole thermodynamics tells us that black holes have entropy, and that their entropy, or information content, is directly proportional to the area of the event horizon. This is voodoo science, as it relates a property (in this case a voodoo doll) associated with a volume (how big and how heavy) to its bounding area(the amount of space it has influence over and what it needs to occupy). Black holes  are so strong that have stuff coming in that cant come out, but that changed to now they say stuff that comes out. Ok answer these:

A conception of a “black hole” 

 Why can’t the black hole keep that stuff in?
What makes that stuff come out?
How did it get sucked in ? 
What is that stuff?

A more expensive conception of a “black hole” 

               In black hole theory, there is no known size.
So how does science get size? They guess. The nice pictures of the vortex,t hat’s “Hollywood” and “Marketing”,  nothing has been seen part way down an event horizon, last but not least, is the issue of a one way portal, that somehow has stuff ejected?
Science sold taxpayers a story about blackholes that taxpayers are funding billions of dollars.
The citizen through congress have been told to have faith and spend more tax money, cut education, cut health and services but not Black hole science, only then the answer will be found.
If you still belive in Black holes as Fact then, thats cool, shred your dollars, If you don’t, Vote this crazy funding out unless you believe the voodoo needle gets you no matter where you are.

War and science #gotmedoingsomebullshit