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640 million dollars UPDATE

March 29, 2012 Leave a comment

That’s the current prize for the mega millions drawing on Friday march 31. !

This airport needs closer parking ! 

Ever wonder what could be done with that much cash?

Here are a few ideas.

You could buy a jet or two,
a big house for the two of you, with a horse or two

You could visit every spot on earth and check every item on your bucket list .

Huangshan Mountain

You could buy a trip to the space station just to hang out and check the view.

ISS lobby

Our father, who art in heaven…

 With whats left over, you could help:

  • 45 million taxpayers on food stamps, 
  • 23 million Americans who are  jobless 
  • 1.5 million bankrupt.
  • 4 million  or so foreclosed.

The derivative of x^2 

With whats left over you could make a $10k dollar  donation for college to every  American student “for free”.

With whats left over you could play lottery another few million more times     

Something to consider after  you win and plan to spend the winnings! 


Drone Wars

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment

In a world of drone wars why would we sendthese billion dollar devices
F/A-37 maned fighter 

selection of US maned  fighters

 flown by these million dollar pilots

that’s my girl 
To Kill bad people who have these kinds guns

they will grow up

we also have babies

Yeah I am bad ass. I use L’Oréal  cause I’m worth it

When we can use these these thousand dollar drone devices



Drone Helicopter for steel rain 

X47B Autonomous fire and forget drone 
 controlled by these hourly employees  ? 
bring on the eagles! 

Its OK grandpa, just press reset

Just kill this one then order pizza 

This is not Hollywood anymore

       and keep more people employed. 

Coming soon in 2012 the space wars.

X-37b military drone space ship 

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Gravity and a flying paradox

September 7, 2011 2 comments