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Same old Bell

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment

I worked for and organization that created the telecom standard. The bell system. The day I was hired I was told that Ma Bell had 3 basic rules.

Don’t remember her smoking 

1) Don’t steal her stuff
2) Don’t screw up your job
3) Don’t mess with her women

and she would give you a rewarding job for life.
I worked there while the company was dissected around me, I even helped tape bathrooms and inventory her assets.
Back in those days most meetings were about enlarging capacity to ensure that customers (the whole country) had bandwidth .  It seems that after divestiture the company was more focused on its shareholders rather than its 80 million or so customer base.
2010 Reported Consolidated Revenue @ $124 billion so I find it hard to accept that 1999 dial up speeds are part of the 4g all you can eat, most expensive service in the world experience! 

The empire controls the data, you have been warned.

Singtel currently has 435 million clients, non are subject to the same unprofessional standards or service and performance.

The old Ma, while dominating and ruthless was honest and her clients services came first.

The sight of a forced slowdown is shameful at best, but more likely #2.