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From "My" point of view

March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

I keep reading how Obama has done so many things for the American people how as president he has made progress with this and stopped that, got this, and has done that

“a black Santa!”…

From my taxed ass point of view when I add up the “this” and  “that“, what I find is nothing more than a bunch of weak ass concessions that have been given back from the Bush days.
Obama has raged war for 3 years, left the terror jails stay open, the despots still paid, but mostly he has left the nation living in fear of WMD, Bio terror, nuke mushroom clouds, all the while  the criminals are given presidential shields of protection .
To add insult to the actions taken by this president, those “concessions” of this and that come with more conditions that affect the taxpayer.
YES WE CAN, my ass!