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New Ipad review

March 10, 2012 Leave a comment
Its New! Its faster! It is dynamic HD1080p!

Not that exciting to you?

Apple is starting to sound like other CE platform that’s on its last legs anyone remember,  8 track,Walkman, Beta-Max,VHS Laser disk..?  

Anyway lets break it down:

1) Form factor is sleek and stylish.
2) New 5X processor that lets me do the same stuff, faster.
3) New 4g support.
4) Higher resolution pixel screen.

WiFi Verse 4g


The option of wireless platforms is a typical apple offering, but $250 for the privilege of 4g is price gouging at best, since Android devices that have 4g sell for less than $100.

That said the buffet of features will always get the person with eyes bigger than their stomach.  So order away. For those who have a personal task in mind get the Wifi is great for personal use if your always in reach of a hot spot.

The business user should get the 4g because they are on the  move all the time but make sure you have an unlimited package. These devices have a lot to say online, they will eat up the bandwidth just running apps without your help.
With AT&T new announcement of limited bandwidth, I would consider the 4g, this is something that any other carrier controlled data network  can  do and it will affect your apps.