Price of Gas

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

When will the rise in Gas stop?

Got me paying some bullshit prices 

Never, the gas price is the annual ritual of oil companies getting their seasonal feasting and getting richer.

2011 America’s “major” export is petroleum gas energy.

The same the stuff you put into you car or heat your home or burn on the stove.
So much like other countries that have this wonderful  fortune , you expect that all the people of the nation would benefit from its natural resource.
He are the facts. The congress has sold those rights to private companies,. They sold the future of their constituents born in this country and the ones of those immigrating here. There is no additional tax income or tax benefit for the citizen on fuel and energy.
In counties with oil, people are better of with some free services, education,  medical, and more paid for because of oil..
In the US the congress Allows the oil companies to increase the prices and charge the Taxpayers more.
Facts US exports over 100 million gallons of gas per day!

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