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Rep John Campbell : sales & marketing Gov bullshit

Understanding our government agenda was express so clearly by Congressman  John Campbell today on Patt Morrison call in show air on KPCC. Not only did he think the current debt was nothing much to worry about,because spending was at 26% he went on to speak about health care.  He said basically that “government health care is very bad because tax payers are getting taxed for health.” he said went on to say  its better to have tax payers pay it to Private for profit companies under government control, companies like the ones that are lobbying out side his door. when asked to explained how bad is bad , he said social health care is the worst thing in the world, it will never work, yet when question about the EU success in social health care he talked about the EU crisis.

Rep, the crisis is from the other group of lobbies who just left your office, you know the bankers, they caused the latest housing crises, did you “forget” that little fact.
The social medical programs that are not for profit, tax base health care works very well.
It cost 10X less than the three wars we are currently fighting.
Interesting that no Rep or Dem in congress will speak to that with true facts. This is why there are occupy movements  sir. It is because of these creative decisions from government that you and your colleagues should step down.
Further more sir the debt to GDP ratio is what you should focus on not the spending ratio to GDP. Currently the US congress is managing the tax payers cash at 102% of our income ability. The congress has spent $117 trillion dollars on CREDIT at a payment rate of $3 trillion per year. Today, the american tax payer is living on credit, we have $56 trillion on the credit card and we have kids to raise.
If i sound worried, i am not.
I am terrified, I don’t feel confident about giving you control of my health care, but  I can fire you, and find someone better to run the program, when you screw up.  I know for sure that what you recommend must be worse, base only on past performance.

So its like this then. We are going to tax you, then give you a credit slip that you can only spend at some bullshit medical place that you approve.  #nowtheygotmedoingsomebullshit

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