Bringing up my girls

Day one on the road to dfd…

As a dad who raised three girls, teaching them how to drive was a challenge. Most parents know on “some” things you can see eye to eye, on others you take a very broad point of view. Anyway, as a single dad, “issues” and “complications” rise up, she called them “IC”. When it came to teaching driving I threw in some fear, correction it was terror into the IC mix.
You see, there was that teenage supergirl  approach to the task at hand which gave me zero confidence at the time.  Anyhow with a full face crash helmet, flight deck coveralls steel cap boots, over a few other layers (for padding, just in case) we made it to “solo stage” she called it her dfd which means dad free driving.

The backing out solo when smooth, she made all 20 feet dead center. Before I could say something she was in the street and waving goodbye.

 I knew I should have been worried, I have a sedan, yet with her behind the wheel she made the driveway trip in 3secs flat!

By the time I walked back into the kitchen it had happened. There on the news beep beep  “Alert developing incident car heading the wrong way on I15 reported by the chp.”
I called her car phone. She answered, and I said urgently, “Sam, I just heard on the news that there’s a car going the wrong way on I15. Please be careful!”
“Hell,” she said “It’s not just one car dad. It’s hundreds of them, but its ok they are getting out of my way I’l be fine”

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