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Gravity and a flying paradox

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We like to know where we come from, and on this anniversary of a 9/11 it is truer than ever.

Inage of WTC1 on 911

Aluminum can cut hardened steel, tip to tip

Last week I wrote about the stubbornness of our society, its inability to accept what the eyes see without verbal suggestion, hopefully the article showed that most official explanations are mostly silly and require no facts since “faith alone” is the mantra. Ask anyone with a job today and they will tell you “faith” is best left in church when it comes to a days work that requires facts. On this anniversary, lets try something different. Another peek into the looking glass.   

The kaleidoscope of life is amazing and with fundamental keys of navigation, life will be lived to its fullest extreme. This short article touches on the first key gravity.     

 “Gravity” today is misunderstood and therefore cannot be explained correctly. Most refer to it as the one constant in the universe and yet compared to the volume of space it’s quite rare.

 If the term gravity was to be understood as an affect like a blowback from a blast or the heat from your hairdryer then you have the right concept to understand what gravity really is.  

Gravity is an intended effect of a selection taken. Through understanding of this effect we can understand the structure of this reality.

We have hundreds if not thousands of examples to reference from and even instructions in the most basic way possible to manage gravity. however the most prevalent evidence and example that gravity is an effect is what almost every man woman and child sees each day . This is the Paradox of flight as it relates to insects. Flight as we understand it states insects should not fly. so either we don’t understand flight or those insects are doing something else.    

In the 1920’s French physicist Louis des Broglie was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the “will of matter” as he called it. He stated  that “any moving particle or object had an associated wave.” the term “moving” should have been optional, even so the will of matter is in very thing and its abilities are exaggerated in any flying, climbing, building insect in the world. So we have a label “will of matter” that has a demonstrated force. 

Let’s say for example we look at an ant. It can do many things that scaled up don’t work. 

Example: leafcutter ants. They can lift several times their body weight, survive falls, and walk on ceilings and in some cases fly. The acceptable scientific explanation for some of these abilities requires a whole lot of faith and very little fact.

Another laughable example is bees. Here is an insect that we see requires flight for effective survival but is has evolved more to support ground operations, flight it seems is just a transportation alternative rather than the key for life. The bumble bee is what every one would expect to see in “space” not in an atmosphere, Its built like a tank with obvious  rule violations to fluid dynamics, unless those rules  were understood and 100% controllable.  This Bee flies to work on wings that provide thrust but very little lift. All insects have the same ability.

So how do insects do the things they do? It’s because they understand what causes gravity and they can use it to their favor. They can turn it on or off and vary in between. They are not bothered with fluid dynamics of the space they fly in because they can manipulate it at will.

This and thousands of other examples demonstrate that the understanding of gravity as a fixed force of nature is in fact very wrong. As with your hair dryer you can turn off gravity.

Gravity is an effect “caution turning it off can cause you to vomit”

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