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Could US Taxpayers defund AFRICOM ?

Africom Wikileak

"be mindful" of AFRICOM

AFRICOM justification is transparent if not obvious, America has observed china making tremendous headway into Africa for past 20 years and in essence ignored it. However, paranoid fear conquers all logic. So once we recognized the need to secure resources and found the right candidate to represent America in Africa, progress should  be made. OOps Egypt Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Palestine  and most likely more to come.

The President delivered a 4:38 sec speech in Ghana. The first 2:46 sent a message of invasion  and not a message of friendship. Obama reminded Africa that “conflict is a part of life, constant as the rising sun”.

His Speech in Ghana makes it quite clear that:
1) America will be here in Africa and any African country  that welcomes America will not have to face the wrath of America.

2) that any country that does allow a US base will benefit from the sudden influx of cash and presence of dominating law to restore peace and make it safe, for just a few liberties.

3) that the USA will benefit from its natural resources.

These facts are well understood and there is ample empirical data that will predict the outcome of either engagement  within a chance factor of 98% certainty that one or both of the outcomes will end in an absolute mess.

In the fiscal year 2010 $302 million tax dollars were used for AFRICOM operations, these figures do not include funding for exercises. AFRICOM spent the year shifting humanitarian resources from civilians to military personnel. Most African countries reject this militarization of civilian  foreign engagement. Most also repudiate the role of the U.S. military and it use of private military contractors in training and equipping African soldiers.

Funding will have to increase for AFRICOM now that US has a UN mandate to support  no fly zones in Libya.

But here is the Ugly truth. The debt to US GDP spending ratio is at 97.3%. and that is the US line of credit.  The US Taxpayer has only 2.7% credit left.

US Military spending so far in 2011 is over $693 billion tax dollars. The cost to tax payers to open a new African  frontier of military combative bases will most likely eat that 2.7% margin. The Us presence in Africa is described in the Wikileak file, AFRICOM will inevitably be conceived as hostile, which will result in expensive skirmishes, when all is said and done will cost more in reparations for American tax payers.

In either case the current Federal budget to keep up 177 combative active bases is projected at $750 billion tax dollars when you add the cost of an engaged military its over $3.5 trillion tax dollars, its not sensible for the tax payer to support this Empire expansion with only 2.7% of taxable income available. Americas free spending Congress has gone insane. The actions of both the left and right have shown this. Across all US states, blatant attacks on fundamental rights are being implemented as law. Both the left and the right are complicit in two Active global  wars with no clear mandate, with no clear fund control. The treasure that is America is being waisted on lies.

The Empire is almost broke, there is no enemy. There never was. Our well funded FBI and Gov controlled US media cant seem to decide which Bin Laden is wanted Osama or Usama. That’s like Fred and Frank.  Laws placed to control Gov spending changed at the beginning of the 111th Congress, remember  PAYGO its was modified by including an “emergency” exemption. This designation was provided for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (H.R. 1), which increased the deficit and increased the public debt limit to $12,104,000,000,000, that’s trillion, today we are at $14.244 trillion and counting.

America is not alone in this, thankfully most disenfranchised taxpayers are coming out of the fog of war and begun to yell cease-fire. Almost every contentment has revolts on the aristocracy and Gov. From the Bahrain where an oppress society is created at birth, Déjà-vu, to Belgium where street parties are held to lampoon politicians and remind the citizens that its been 250 days without an operational Gov. To America where the taxpayer is focused on internal political strife, national funding, 24 million  Jobless, 1 million  homeless, 44 million hungry. Things are changing, the lower class and disenfranchised need to say enough . Tax payers need to understand  their role in this process and its importance. It is symbiotic.

It would seem logical for  US taxpayers to stop AFRICOM and set up USACOMM. perhaps if they put all that aid and training into the USA they will be better off to help others.

Lot less hostile and close to home!

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