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What is a Conspiricy ?

They look so smart in their uniforms, very well-trained for Slaughter

Cenk @theyoungturks, I would reconsider your argument about your belief in a conspiracy. Your “Turkish laugh” should be sign enough that you would understand. But you don’t. So here is my explanation. Most Rich people are smart, if they weren’t they would be poor.

These rich people know the golden rule. “Fail to plan, Plan to fail” so it defies all logic that they would plan the success of their fiefdom and not plan our current situation.
They also know another rule, and that is “the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many”. This power hierarchy has existed in every chapter of civilization all filled with horrific murder, injustice, genocide done by “others”. perhaps the use of conspiracy softens the fact that  This time its “we the people”. who are the brunt of it all.

Stay frosty until the collective “many” can unite as one to oppose the ruling  few and shutdown the IMC,  this will just be another Déjà vu .

In summary Cenk , a person or group who conspire to do evil is the same as a person or group that plan to do evil.

Getting board with the sugar-coating.

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