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Attack on Unions in America

February 26, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is clear that both the Left and the Right are so entangled in arguments that consist of who is right or wrong that they keep forgetting the real issue at hand.

Public workers in Wisconsin protest the plan to cut benefits

Public workers in Wisconsin protest the plan to cut benefits


As in the past the musical chairs that we play with congress will give us the same result. This attack on unions may yet backfire in the governments face.

The facts are the US Gross debt to GDP ratio is at 97.1% and climbing at 7 tenths per second. The seated congress that we entrust our taxes to has squandered those taxes, as did the last congressional empire that was seated there.

There is no State in the Union that will have any profit this year or for the foreseeable future with the direction this congress has taken and maintaining. The amount of savings from cutting further taxpayer services selective or otherwise will make no difference to the budget deficit. Voters, media and passive citizens have with one voice allowed this government to continue squander:

      • $1.57 trillion tax dollars on wars they won’t stop
      • Trillions in bank and insurance bailouts without any independent investigation or corrections
      • Billions in gifts to other more important nations other than taxpaying states of the Union

In reality every state is required to first support:

      • Trillions for Federal Fake Wars
      • 177 Us military bases worldwide
      • A war machine that consumed over $895 billion in 2010 trying to kill 100 people
      • Trillions of tax dollars due to incompetency
      • A multi billion dollar dictator support and retirement fund ( new openings imminent)

The Us government has projected the cost of war in 2011 to be $928.5 billion, yet the military reports that our enemies number still in the low hundreds.

Toilet roll made of dollar bills

Now with a fresh print smell

The US economy and its practice of placing others first before the taxpayers have caused this great nation to fall into immense debt.  The power given or presumed by the president is given under the assumption that the person in place is infallible his wisdom is somehow Superior to ours. The Us Presidents umbrella support of this debt issue with shields of impunity, has indicated to others in congress that actions taken with taxpayer money are above all US National laws.

So expect the spending overseas and local cuts to the taxpayer services to continue. The forecast for 2011 is as follows

    • $10.1 billion foreign military aid
    • $10.1 billion international security assistance
    • $44.1 billion foreign economic aid
    • $33 billion increase in military spending on war

expect taxpayer cuts in basic services such as :

    • $1.2 billion Postal Service cut (so much for more job creation)
    • $87.7 billion cut in unemployment support
    • $93 billion cut in general welfare
    • $17.9 billion cut in taxpayer education
    • $2.3 billion in federal aid for interstate highways

The state and federal government is not just attacking the Union of workers but also the state of the Union.

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