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My word is my bond.

This is the face of a terrorist? held in jail for 7 months solitary confinement.


Mr. Bradley Manning

This terrorist passed on our government secrets to “we the people” who founded and maintain our government with our Tax Dollars .

This one soldier is braver than the man who gunned down two reporters, innocent civilians and children from a mile away with HiDef clarity and great joy.  He is braver and has more honor than the men who command him. We the people demand a law to protect people like Mr. Bradley Manning and we got it. it’s called The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 Changing his label from a “whistle-blower” to a “terrorist” does not change what he did, What Mr. Manning did was to blow the whistle on his boss, who is our lying, corrupted, power drunk, “elected” officials.

If only there were a few more Army, Navy, Air-force or even the proud Marine Corps, perhaps a chief of staff who would step forward and honor their oath of profession and service to protect and serve this Flag and Country. Men and Women who know they have had their  Code of Ethics violated by their own leaders. These same professionals soldiers who can no longer look at myself in the mirror  who know the action  is immoral.

The Army’s oath starts “I am a Soldier, a leader of character, a servant of the nation, and a member of the profession of arms.”

Mr. Bradley Manning, Sir, for bravery in battle, enduring great strife, for being a leader of character and a true servant of our nation, I (a tax payer) recommend you for the Medal of Valor.

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