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Fact or Fiction

“German officials say the Hamburg group were all recruited from the Taiba mosque in Hamburg. In the 1990s. The same mosque — then called Al Quds – was attended by the lead hijacker in the 9/11 attacks, Mohammed Atta.”

The government official of any nation is not an oracle of truth, and based on our current economic condition, our government treats we the people with disrespect. They have lied to us openly since 9/11 including the act itself. We are in financial crisis  because of a long fact-less war base 100% on lies. The British, American and Israeli governments know this and condone it. Their willingness not to stop the war crimes is evident in the refusal to stop even after no evidence was found. Today Our Governments war on terror is funded by our current taxes and now that we are broke, its on credit.
When asked about the past action, the blame is shifted to faulty data. joked about and dismissed with an imperial gesture. was it faulty data, then why didn’t we stop after we found out ? someone is a liar.
Our government murdered a sitting head of state for the same reason as we apologized for the Bio terror we inflicted on a foreign nation 65 years ago. We accused him of ties to 9/11 of having nukes & WMD that he could use on us. We invaded and destroyed his country because of faulty data lies.
Our government with our tax money and approval is currently occupying two foreign countries for reason based on faulty data lies.

Our government is spending trillions of dollars on war all invested because of faulty data lies, while we hemorrhage with true job losses in low 20% and climbing, .

America has managed to drive a wedge between the two of the largest belief groups in the world and keep it stoked. Each time the world starts to question their actions there is a heightened terror alerts.  Each time there are hints of investigations a new threat is announced by the world media.  So we get scared and don’t question their actions.
History will remember the fall of the American empire as a classic fall, that was manipulated by a small nation they created, who later used them to satisfy their desire to please a mythical god .  The issue is not the Hamburg Cell, or their alleged actions, the issue is the body of lies this war is based on. This current course of action is doomed to failure, the empire is broke and  history is never wrong.

“Strike fear and you gain power, suppress education you maintain power, call it a religion and you legitimize the power.”Psp Sup

  1. October 5, 2010 at 1:31 am

    great article you make a persuasive argument

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